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Τετάρτη, 11 Ιανουαρίου 2012 13:26

Healthy nutrition or dieting? Κύριο

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652986 on_diet_2People ask me so many times if I am following a special diet program or I often get the comments like ‘’It must be so hard to lose fat…’’ due to the so well-known diets of one apple a day or 2 glasses of water and two glasses of tee and then you are done for the rest of the day.

That is nonsense. Who can live with these diets? And how long can you tolerate these diets? One-two weeks? Even a month? And then? Then you regain all the fat and even more.

So, my question to you people is: Why on earth should someone follow a diet like this, when in the end, he will for sure get back to his old favorite nutrition habits?

As people, we cannot wait! When we want something, we want it now! The thing is , we are not robots. Our daily activities are so fast and so many that drives us to this crazy behavior of losing weight fast and easy of course. We think that if we lose it now and quickly, it will never come back. Well, it will…and it will be regained more fat if you act again as you did at the past.

Unfortunately my lovely friends, things get to be a little hard here. The hardest of all is what we do AFTER, what we do after the end of this diet that we loosed our fat and we look great. What next? Personally, I don’t find it difficult to lose weight, the hard is to keep up the good work and stay on your healthy nutrition! The solution for you is to make nutrition your life style, make healthy foods your life and not just for a period of time but forever! That’s your key to body-transformation! You don’t have to starve losing weight, you just have to act smart!;-)

orange-image1So, again, healthy nutrition is your key to success! Change the way you approach food. Tasty food doesn’t necessarily mean junk food! There are so many choices around us that we can make and these are helping us achieve our goals! It might seem hard at the beginning, because of the different flavors of the foods but as this life style becomes Your style and you see the changes on your body, I am sure you‘ll also change your view about diet! Then suddenly the view of a chocolate cake disappears, doesn’t it??????

So, by choosing this way, changing from the scratch the way you eat, the way you cook, you are coming slowly to the field of healthy nutrition like a process ,you lose weight with a stable way and not  suddenly as these one-apple diets do and the most important is that you learn how to maintain the new number of weight you have, you learn how to take care of your body because simply the change from the junk food to the healthy food has become slowly and easily without stress and  not within a month!


Don’t forget that our body needs it’s time to adjust and as slowly something happens, the more it lasts. Hwy then should you choose the road that leads you to a permanent result than taking the easy, slow, safe road of transforming forever?


Think about it…! Don’t you deserve this change to your lives?

The next articles will describe how to entry the world of healthy life style forever!!!

SO…you’d better stay tuned folks!!!!



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